Achron developer Hazardous Software has announced that a multiplayer release of Achron is now available to the public.Those who have pre-ordered Achron – currently priced at $29.95 USD – get access to builds of the game which allows them to play the time-bending RTS before its release next year, and the most recent release adds multiplayer functionality.The multiplayer release contains a variety of 2-4 player tactical levels, as well as a strategic level. The tactical levels give players chronoporters and a small force, while the strategic level will give players something “closer to the full RTS,” with base building and resource management included.Achron is an RTS which lets you send your units through time, moving them into the past or the future as needed. If the implications of that (like grandfather paradoxes) are beginning to explode your head, you need to have a look at our interview with Hazardous’ CEO Chris Hazard, who sums up the game nicely on the last page and describes how it works and what we can expect from this revolutionary idea on the others.

Paul Younger
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