Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (3)

Situations like this should be possible post-July.

Over at Joystiq they’ve managed to get a response out of the vast majority of developers and publishers whose PC releases will be affected by this summer’s coming Games for Windows Live shutdown. Some titles, as we know, have already taken steps to remove themselves from the grip of GfWL, but until now there have been question marks over a fair number of others.

One that a lot of people have been wondering about is Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, so it’s fairly encouraging to see that the official word from Namco Bandai is that they’re “exploring options” for what to do once GfWL is no more. The same goes for their Ace Combat: Assault Horizon title.

Amusingly enough, Microsoft themselves say they have “no plans” to do anything about titles like Fable 3 or Microsoft Flight. So quite what will happen to those games in July is a mystery. As far as we know you just won’t be able to log in any more, and they’ll be unplayable.

Capcom are also in the corner of shame, with “no plans” to update any games beyond Super Street Fight IV Arcade Edition, which will transform into a Steamworks title. Games like Dead Rising 2 and Resident Evil 5 are out of luck.

SEGA have apparently not responded to the request for information yet, so the status of Dawn of War 2 is still unknown.

You can read the full list of publishers and their plans (or lack of them) here.

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