Naraka: Bladepoint beginner guide – the road to mastery is long

Naraka Bladepoint

I’ve been playing Naraka: Bladepoint non-stop since its release. And I’ve died many times. Many, many times. The fast-paced ninja combat can be a little overwhelming at first. Particularly when you combine it with all of the new items, indicators, and locations you need to learn. To help you out, I’ve put together this Naraka: Bladepoint beginner guide so that you don’t need to die as much as I did.

The best way to learn how to fight in Naraka: Bladepoint is to jump into plenty of battles. The tutorial gives you a basic explanation of the different attack types. However, there are numerous weapons you can use, and each has different timings and combos. Here’s tip number one: hop into The Bloodbath mode and fight, fight, fight. It’s a deathmatch where you respawn after you die.


Use the time you have before a match begins to practice the combos of the different weapons. The only way you’ll get better with weapons is to get a feel for the mechanics of each one. I suggest you pick one melee and one ranged weapon and use those for the entire match of The Bloodbath. Once you test the entire arsenal, you should then try out every character.

If you want to get the upper hand on your enemies, you need to know who and what you’re dealing with. That means knowing their moves and being able to identify their weapons. It’ll take time, but The Bloodbath is the perfect way to start before diving into the battle royale.

Naraka Bladepoint The Bloodbath  weapons tips help abilities

I’ll cover more advanced combat techniques and tips in another guide. For this Naraka: Bladepoint guide, we’ll stick to the basics to help beginners.

Grapples are life

It could be argued that the spools you pick up for your Grappling Hook are the most valuable items in the game. This won’t be the case all the time, however, if you find yourself in a fight without any spools, you’ll have a tough time getting out of there alive.

The Grappling Hook allows you to latch onto an enemy and hit them with an opening strike. It also allows you to close the distance rapidly and swing away with your melee weapon of choice. If an enemy is using a ranged weapon against you and you don’t have any spools, they’re going to be laughing all the way to your grave as you fail to get in range to hit them.

Naraka Bladepoint Grappling Hook Guide weapons tips help abilities

On that note, here’s a very simple, very useful tip. Don’t enter a battle with a ranged weapon out. In fact, you shouldn’t run around with your ranged weapon in hand. You can draw it quickly if you need it, but if an enemy latches onto you with a Grappling Hook and you have your bow or gun out, they’re going to land some free hits on you while you’re swapping to your melee weapon.

The Grappling Hook is also you best way to flee from a bad fight. You can use it to climb trees, cliffs, buildings, and absolutely any other object in the game. A good grapple to a rooftop can buy you time to get off a heal, which can get you back in the fight.

How to heal better in Naraka: Bladepoint

As with almost all battle royales, you have health and armor. And you carry different items to heal both. The healing berries and armor powder each come in two versions, a regular types and more potent ones. The regular ones have no effects. The more potent ones have a blue effects. But that’s not the tip.

The tip is that you don’t need to drop the regular items from your inventory to replace them with the more potent versions. If you loot a more potent healing berry or armor powder, it will automatically replace the regular version in your inventory if your bag is full.

Naraka Bladepoint Animation Canceling To Heal Faster

Using dash to animation cancel my heal.

When you heal or repair your weapons, the animation continues long after the effect has been applied. You can use a dash or jump to cancel the animation and begin your next heal or repair faster. I highly recommend you get into the habit of doing this. It will save you precious seconds which could be the difference between life and death. Animation canceling might be the most important tip in this whole Naraka: Bladepoint beginner guide.

What are all these chests?

In addition to all of the things Naraka: Bladepoint throws at beginners, you also need to familiarize yourself with the various mechanics around the map. The simplest mechanic to understand is the quest scrolls. You’ll find these floating around the map. Different colored scrolls will give you different quests. Purple scrolls will send you to kill another player. Gold scrolls involve performing less aggressive tasks such as hitting a bell, meditating, or opening a specific chest. Just look for the marker locations on your map to see how to complete different quests.

Quest Scrolls

Completing these quests will reward you with coins specific to the match you are in. You can use these to purchase items from Rift Dealer chests. The regular chests will contain healing items, spools, bag upgrades, and a few more goodies. I recommend just upgrading your Souljade bag and then purchasing Souljades – more on those shortly. Once you’re happy with those, upgrade your item bag. If you are desperate for healing items or spools, you can opt for those too.

Naraka Bladepoint Rift Dealer Chests

There is another type of chest that spawns which is called Morus’ Blessing. One of these will draw foes from around the map, because it will contain a selection of high-level weapons and armor. If you can get to one, brilliant. Just be quick about it. You can tell where and when Morus’ Blessing will appear by checking your map for a gold circle with a timer around the outside of it.

Morus Blessing sunwing's rest autumn plains weapons armor types rewards

Souljades are another item you can collect in a match. These provide a range of benefits and have different levels. The more you can hold, the more benefits you’ll get, hence my advice to first upgrade the Souljade bag. I would keep it simple and just focus on attack and health Souljades at first.

You should also keep an eye out for fruits and flowers around the map. Eating these can boost your stats.

Naraka Bladepoint Prickly Pear Fruit Boosts Stats

Before you go

There’s an in-game Narakapedia that visualizes some techniques for you and has some good tips. It’s recommended that you browse it after you’ve tried your hand at a few matches.

This final beginner guide tip isn’t going to improve your gameplay in Naraka: Bladepoint. However, it will score you a free Immortal Treasure. All you need to do is follow Naraka: Bladepoint on Twitter and send the account a direct message with the word, “UNCHAINED.”

Naraka: Bladepoint is available for PC through Steam or the Epic Games Store.

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