Vampyr publisher Focus Home Interactive has long-term plans for the unique role-playing game. According to a recent press release, players can expect to find two new difficulty modes added to the game “later this summer.” Although there’s no word on the modes’ official launch date, Vampyr is currently available at a 25% discount. Not only is the reduced price tag worth sinking your teeth into, it also points to the update coming soon.

The Story mode ratchets down Vampyr‘s difficulty. In Story mode, players can explore London at their own pace. There’s less of a focus on combat — one of the game’s most controversial elements.

Hard mode, as its name implies, makes the game more brutal. Combat is more difficult, and players earn less experience from defeating enemies. In earning less experience, there’s a greater emphasis on Vampyr‘s embrace mechanic. In order to survive London’s dangerous streets, Dr. Reid must rely on embracing the game’s NPCs in order to gain much-needed power.

In addition to the new difficulty modes, Vampyr‘s imminent update also introduces various optimizations and performance tweaks.

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