Howdy folks, I’m a loveable Doom monster.

Bethesda would like to you know that Doom … sorry, DOOM … still exists. Today, the company has released a CG teaser trailer (below) and word that a full reveal of the game will be happening at this year’s QuakeCon event.

Said event takes place in mid-July (17-21 July, in fact) so that’s when more details about the game will be forthcoming. DOOM is rumoured to have had a fairly troubled development, not helped by some high-profile departures from creators id Software (including founder member John Carmack.)

The trailer doesn’t tell us a whole lot that we couldn’t already infer from the existence of a new DOOM game (Doom 4 really, but they’re going back to the original name just to confuse people.) There’s an implication of humanity messing about with technology and portals, a fusion of flesh and metal and the end result of a big messed up Cyberdemon creature.

This is all good news for the people who took up Wolfenstein’s pre-order offer to get access to the DOOM beta, because it means that might actually happen sooner rather than later.

Peter Parrish

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