ArenaNet realise that to keep MMO players hooked there needs to be a changing world with new content to keep players busy, and that’s why Guild Wars 2 will be receiving content updates every two weeks from 9 July.

The new content release schedule kicks off with the Bazaar of the Four Winds which involves merchants gathering at the bazaar. For players this will bring new rewards, a new PvP map, a new account achievement reward system, a new  mini-game, competitive race and scavenger hunt. The mystical flying Zephyr Sanctum has also landed bringing magical crystals and amazing movement skills to traders and adventurers.

ArenaNet has also been interacting more and more with their community through live streams and these will continue to bring previews of some of the new content that’s planned.

The full list of additional content for the Bazaar of the Four Winds includes:

  • New Events
    • Belcher’s Bluff Mini-game: Players can put their Omnomberry Juice drinking skills to the test in this new, permanent mini-game, and challenge their friends in PvP mode.
    • Sanctum Sprint Race: Navigate a dizzying obstacle course in this competitive race thatwill send players leaping over barriers and flying through the air.
    • Lessons from the Sky Scavenger Hunt: Players will need to show their mastery of wind, sun and lightning as they search for Sky Crystals and explore hard-to-reach places in the Labyrinthine Cliffs.
    • Developer Livestream:  Get an early look inside the release during a preview livestream ( with ArenaNet developers on Monday, July 8 at noon (PT).
  • New Rewards
    • Aspect Back Items: Players can compete in the Sanctum Sprint for a chance to earn one of three special back items representing the aspects of wind, sun and lightning.
    • Personal Quartz Node: Once players complete the meta achievement for this release, their home instance will have a daily resource node, allowing the harvesting of quartz – a new material being introduced in this release for crafting new recipes.
    • Zephyr Sanctum Model: Players who complete the Lessons from the Sky achievement will be awarded a miniature model of the Zephyr Sanctum, allowing them to view the ship at any time, even after it has flown away.
  • New Features
    • Account Achievement Reward System: Starting with this release, players can unlock rewards like exclusive new armor skins, weapon skins and permanent account bonuses as they earn achievement points. They can also earn laurels, gems, gold, powerful items, and PvP and WvW rewards as achievement scores grow.
    • New PvP Map – Skyhammer: Players can battle for control of three capture points in the new Skyhammer map, a high-tech Asura lab packed with jump pads, shattering floor panels and a gigantic, mega cannon.

Guild Wars 2 players can find out more on the “releases” page and get involved with the community on GWonline.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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