Valve’s Team Fortress blog has been updated with more news on the forthcoming Sniper update.The biggest Team Fortress news today is likely that the update patches in a “Payload Race” mode. Apparently, it’s like Payload, except that each side is trying to deliver a payload to the other base – and it looks like it’s going to be uphill, as mention is made that if players stop pushing, the payload rolls back downhill.On top of that, there are two new maps for Arena. Sawmill is… well, a sawmill, so expect deadly sawblades near the cap point on this hilly mountain map. Additionally, this is the first Team Fortress map that includes a weather effect, which in this case is rain.The second map, Nucleus, is a circular map with a “bottomless radioactive pit” and a “diabolical doomsday device.” The cap is located at the center of the arena – only accessible by catwalks running across a chasm, which open once the timer has run down.Exciting stuff! This follows the news yesterday that the Sniper will be receiving a Huntsman longbow weapon in the update.

Paul Younger
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