New heroes gather around the Hearthstone fire

New heroes gather around the Hearthstone fire

A bunch of new heroes will be moving into Hearthstone soon.

Before you get too excited, though, this isn’t necessarily a big shift in the game, because they’re entirely cosmetic. Boo.

The first hero to be added will be King Magni Bronzebeard, dwarven Warrior. Does he have a new hero power, or some associated cards that only he can use? No! But he has an animated portrait, a custom animation for the Warrior’s Armor Up ability, custom emotes, a custom visual theme, and an “entering the game” animation. Oh, and a brand new card back. Yours for only $9.99, squire.

Magni isn’t the last hero due to hit Hearthstone, but he’s the only one announced so far. He’s “coming soon” – that nebulous Blizzard timeframe that means sometime between the end of the week and the heat death of the universe.

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