It seems that BioWare are looking to release another multiplayer DLC pack for RPG-come-shooter Mass Effect 3. However, it seems that they weren’t quite to reveal the news.
A posting on the Sony Asia website (since removed) detailed the content and said that it would be released on 16 May, 2012 (today).
The info was snapped before it was taken offline however…
Two new maps, three new weapons and six new classes are set to be included. Firebase Jade and Firebase Goddess are the two maps, the former described as a “jungle reservour” and the latter set on the Asari homeworld. New classes are between three of the game’s races and, at present, there’s no info on the new weapons.
Mass Effect 3 set a precident with the Resurgence DLC, making it a free release. However, the content was locked until earned through booster packs. Booster packs can be unlocked with either real money (through micro-transactions) or by saving up in-game money from matches.
Source: Kotaku

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