We’re still waiting for the beta but things are getting closer as Blizzard launch their new official Diablo 3 site.
Although the site was not officially announced by Blizzard earlier today, we knew it was coming. The new site is the same as the official World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2 Battle.Net site with official posts and a new set of forums. A few new pieces of artwork were also released.
The site has been split into US and EU versions and you can only post if you have an active WoW or StarCraft 2 account which has irritated some fans who would have liked to have used their Diablo CD keys.
Frustratingly enough, many Diablo players are feeling a little alienated as not everyone owns a copy of either WOW or StarCraft 2. Also, why if you have already purchased WOW do you need to have an active subscription to post, afterall if you have Starcraft 2 you don’t.
Once the game is released this won’t be a problem and Beta testers will also have access to the new forums with immediate effect.
Looks like we’re getting close!
For all the latest in-depth Diablo 3 news head to Diablo: IncGamers.

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