Well it seems from the new images Sony are definitely looking at making a pretty sharp cut to the cost of development of the Playstation 3 system, which will of course mean we, as the consumers, will receive the benefits of that price cut too. But before we go into what changes appear to have been made lets take a look at these images.

Now as you can see from this first image, all of the ports from the slim PS3 units have remained, whereas during the creation of the original slim, there were some cutbacks in this area, with the USB port count being halved. It is also quite easy to spot just how slim this new iteration is, with the console coming to a smoothed curved at both the front and back.

This second image actually appears to reveal even more, aside from the new ridged look which the console has, it appears that what was speculated to actually be a flip-top model has instead opted to have a sliding panel. By looking at the image it’s rather obvious the right hand side of the top of the console that sport the PS3 logo can slide to the left side.

Documents were also uncovered from Sony Brazil that show three different tiers of storage capacity for the new console, with it catering to customers at all ends of the market. The available HDD sizes will be 16GB, 250GB and 500GB.

It’s likely this is the new model that is rumored to be revealed at this years Gamescom event.

Also for your pleasure, here are some nice cleaned up concepts thanks to a very skilled NeoGaf member.


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