id Software has revealed details about its upcoming shooter RAGE.

In the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, John Carmack, technical director at id Software talked about the game and the problems the developer has encountered in cutting the game to three DVDs on the Xbox 360.”We’ve got two large wastelands on there,” and added, “we can cut it into two pieces” but “couldn’t make an arbitrary cut.”According to Shacknews the following details were announced for RAGE:An engineering system to craft devices including sentry turrets and RC car bombs, if you have the blueprints and parts.Your health regenerates–a gift connected to your history.Races and missions are available from hub towns.Vehicular combat is a big part of racing, with power-ups and ammo placed around the courses.Weapon upgrades, such as a scope and aiming stabilisers for a crossbow.Alternate ammo types, including a crossbow bolt which allows you to briefly control victims before they explode.Stealth is an option in combat too.A gladiatorial game show named Mutant Bash TV offers big prize money.A car parts system allows boosts to areas such as acceleration, traction and suspension.Other car upgrades include bombs, a magnet to draw power-ups, tire shredders and EMP shields.Multiplayer modes are currently not finalised.One weapon is a three-tipped boomerang called the ‘wingstick,’ which will return.The PC version will offer higher resolutions, more anti-aliasing and faster texture page-in times, but the three versions are essentially the same. So by the sounds of it we will be seeing a mix of Oblivion-style gladiator arena battles, Fallout 3 post-apocalyptic wastelands and box office inspired “Death Races.”On id’s other upcoming title Doom 4, Carmack confirmed it will be released on multiple discs for the 360 stating it would “almost certainly going to be cut up to 3 DVDs versus one Blu-ray [disc on PlayStation 3].”RAGE is set for a 2010 release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Check out the E3 trailer here

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