New ships added as Battlestar Galactica Online proves popular

The free-to-play, browser-based Battlestar Galactica Online has attracted over two million registered players, according to creators BigPoint.
Of course as it’s free-to-play those figures include people who signed up, gave it a try for an hour and then never came back. Still, the claim of 20,000 new players per day looks impressive on paper.
Quite a few things have been added to the game since my own rather lukewarm preview (I wasn’t a big fan of space having a forced horizon), including the ability to pilot capital ships and purchase nuclear missiles on a ‘merit’ system.
Coming up are two new flyable ‘line’ ships; the Colonial Gungnir and the Cylon Nidhogg. A couple of names for the Norse mythology scholars amongst you, there. These ships will be unlockable with Battlestar’s in-game currency, the cubit.