Ubisoft has updated the SplinterCell.com site for a third time, revealing some more tidbits of info about the upcoming title, Conviction.The latest “hack” mentions two new characters, Boris I Sychev and Oleg S Rebko. The former is an ex-Russian soldier now employed by mafia boss Valentine Lesovsky, specializing in the arms trade and people smuggling. He apparently spends much of his time in the baths in St Petersburg. Will we see Sam Fisher infiltrating the baths wearing only a towel? Let’s hope not.The second character, Rebko, is a high ranking officer in the Russian military intelligence organization, GRU. He also co-founded the Hawk network, a group of senior military figures who sold weapons on the black market and apparently “stored contraband of war and the most valuable archives of information.”The “hack” also includes another raven email in which the mysterious “VC” discusses an “important asset of Third Echelon” known as Andrew Kobin who has links to the aforementioned gangster Lesovsky. “Expect to start operations within 24 hours,” VC continues.“All relevant materials have been sent to your personal computer. Contact Kestrelom and notify him that the act should be in the very near future.”Also included is a new wiretap recording between two guys with Russian accents:“I’m telling you, forget drugs and whores. Hire yourself a dozen college kids, buy them computers and start stealing credit card numbers. Within a year you’ll be richer than Lusovsky?”“What do I know about computers? I wouldn’t know where to begin.”Finally, two new weapons were added to the site, the SPAS 12 shotgun and the MP5 submachine gun.Find out what was revealed in the previous two site ‘hacks’ here and here.

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