13 new single player screenshots from the anticipated RTS StarCraft II have just been released.

    These new shots show three new missions, including the first ever sneak peek at the Protoss mini-campaign in the single player game.

    Jim Raynor has fallen on hard times and is gathering ancient artefacts and Terrazine gas for a mysterious employer just to pay his crew and keep fighting the Dominion’s tyrannical leader, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk.

    The Protoss Dark Templar, Zeratul is searching for answers within the race’s creator’s shrines, the Xel’Naga. Exactly what he finds, we do not know, but the Zerg are searching there as well…

    We have already seen tech purchase screens in the past, but these have now been updated into a presumably more “fun” design.

    A much more detailed description, including a slideshow as well as comparisons to older images and art can be found at StarCraft: IncGamers.

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    We also have interview material to look forward to in the near future.

    Paul Younger
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