New Warzone DMZ Season 6 patch notes finally eliminate six-man teams

New Warzone DMZ Season 6 patch notes finally eliminate six-man teams
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While DMZ may not be the most popular game type in Call of Duty, the mode has come leaps and bounds through the year. DMZ throws Operators into unforgiving battlegrounds infested with AI combatants. The latest patch addresses what many view as the biggest problem in DMZ: team sizes. Until now, you could face a full team of 6 players, even if you queued alone. Thankfully, this is now a thing of the past.

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New Warzone DMZ Season 6 patch notes finally eliminate six-man teams

Season 6 brings numerous tweaks to DMZ, but the highlight is this change right here:

  • Assimilation now allows a maximum of 4 Players per team

This is a massive change as it means you’ll no longer run into 6-man death squads. DMZ is still incredibly unforgiving to solo players as they can run into duo’s trios or quads, but this news should excite lone wolves.

There are several other welcome changes to look forward to in DMZ as well. Although we don’t have exact numbers, the patch notes say the Killstreak frequency in loot has been reduced. On smaller maps like Ashika Island, my heart sinks when I hear a UAV go off, as I know I’m dead if a squad called it in. The change doesn’t wholly alleviate this, but it should help.

Huge price changes are reported across the board for DMZ, with several killstreaks hit with humungous increases. You can check out the complete change log on the official website, but UAVs now cost $100,000, up from just $12,000! Advanced UAVs cost a whopping $200,000, and popular killstreaks like the Cluster Strike and Precision Airstrike cost $30,000 a pop.

These changes will surely upset a few players, but they will hopefully bring combat back to a game of skill rather than award the win to whoever has the deepest pockets. 

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