Empire: Total War patch 1.4 is set to rebalance naval battles.A post on the Total War forums reveals that plenty of ships have all had their stats adjusted – hull strength, accuracy, reload rate, range, morale, and damage, which has reworked the way the battles will play out.Ships of the Line are big, strong, heavy ships that move and turn slowly, and have short-ranged guns. Frigates are accurate, long-ranged, and fairly quick, but are relatively weak and don’t have much in the way of firepower. The smaller ships, like sloops, are extremely fast and manoeuverable with long-range weapons and high accuracy, but are extremely weak both in terms of what they can take and what they can dish out.As such, a mix of all three will be required when the patch goes live, adding rock-paper-scissors balance to a combat mode that previously had none, albeit with plenty of other special units and niches for units to fit into.We’re glad to hear this, as the naval battles were one of the few things we thought were a tad ropey in the otherwise brilliant game.

Paul Younger
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