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To say No Man’s Sky is different and better than how it launched is kicking in an open door. With six expansions since its release, No Man’s Sky went from one of the most criticized games to winning awards for best post-game content. And Hello Games is not done with its procedurally generated universe, it seems. Quite the opposite, in fact.

No Man’s Sky to become more ambitious

In a blog post released earlier this week titled “Beyond Development Update 10,” Hello Games reminisces on the latest No Man’s Sky’s updates, including this month’s Exo Mech update. Having released four large updates over the last five months, the game has made significant strides to having become worth your money. And Hello Games has more in store for us in 2020.

“In addition to these content updates, we are working up some more ambitious additions to the universe, and have so much more planned for 2020 for us to feel excited about,” Hello Games CEO Sean Murray wrote and left it succinctly at that. No Man’s Sky was ambitious to begin with, so it’s anyone’s guess what they’ve got cooking in that studio, especially after those weird (though cool) living ships they came up with.

On top of the update about its ambition, Hello Games also revealed a new backpack collectible, styled after the original cover art’s backpack. It also hinted at a new event this weekend; players are encouraged to seek out Iteration: Ariadne aboard the Space Anomaly to find out more about the reality breaches that continue to show up throughout the universe. And finally, No Man’s Sky players can now synthesize Blistering Mushrooms, Watchful Protrusions, and Tentacle Spires with Quicksilver to make habitable bases a little more habitable.

The latest Exo Mech update is available in the base game on Steam, though whether it’s worth the full $55 is still up for debate. Fortunately, the game goes on sale fairly regularly.

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