No World of Warcraft Legacy server announcement at BlizzCon

No World of Warcraft Legacy server announcement at BlizzCon

Were you wondering what had happened to the World of Warcraft legacy server petition? It appears that Blizard is not ready to announce vanilla servers any time soon.

It was thought that Blizzard might make an announcement at Blizzcon but that’s not going to happen according to WoW’s J.Allen Brack. He made the following post this evening to the community.

Hey everyone,

We’ve seen some talk among the community that you might be expecting to hear some news on legacy servers at BlizzCon, and we just wanted to take a moment to let you know that while we’re still discussing the possibility, we won’t have any updates to share on that until after the show.

These past few months we’ve been laser-focused on the launch of Legion and getting Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan ready to go (it’s almost here!), as well as prepping for BlizzCon—which is always a huge undertaking itself. You’ve heard us say that the launch of Legion was just the beginning of the story we want to tell in this expansion. What we will focus on at BlizzCon is how the team is committed to making sure we bring you a steady stream of content going forward, and we can’t wait to share what’s next for Legion.

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll see you at BlizzCon.

-J. Allen Brack and the World of Warcraft development team

In a recent update from the Nostalrius team, they revealed that Blizzard had overcome the technical hurdles with a WoW legacy server project so it was looking hopeful that an announcement would come sooner rather than later.

In this previous update, Nostalrius closed out with, “If Blizzard doesn’t make an announcement to honour their own core values, be sure that we will.” What this means is anyone’s guess but Nostalrius are not going to let this slip.

Looks like old-school WoW players are going to have to keep waiting for Blizzard to come up with the goods, if they do at all.

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    • Hvd

      wow had 10m subs on wotlk and by wod it was down to 5m subsnow legion launches and only 3.5m copies sold at launch.the way i see it and until blizzard gives numbers its still on the decline.if 5m people played it by legion launch 5m people would have bought the expansion.thats how i see all subs at the time would buy legion right away.

      with the artifact grinding,gear not mattering in pvp any more and everyone walking around with legendaries and mythic++++ 5man groups getting top raid gear wow has gone complete causal.with all the template nerfing and people have to switch specs and re grind i couldnt bring my self to play wow any more.i saw where it was going pre patch and i was done.

      10m subs wotlk
      5m subs wod
      3.5m subs legion
      wow is further in decline and will hit below 3m by next year.