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The 8-bit platformer retro platformer, Noglious, launches on Steam today. The game makes its debut on the platform after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017. Nogalious is also the first game in a trilogy of titles, having Mirilla (due in Q4 of 2018) and Dragorieta (2019) to follow its release.

Following the success of our physical edition of Nogalious on PC, we’re extremely glad to launch our title on Steam too”, says Raúl Nogales, CEO at Luegolu3go Studios.

Much like the 8-bit games that have come before it, Nogalious features dungeons, puzzles, and boss battles. The soundtrack also harkens back to a more simplistic era, boasting nostalgic chiptune sounds.


The original concept art from the Kickstarter campaign for Nogalious.

Nogalious is now available on PC via Steam for $9.99. It offers full controller support for those retro feels. Its also modernized with online leaderboards. The development studio, Luegolu3Go Studio, is known for producing retro-style games in both physical and digital copies. In the case of Nogalious, the game featured both a physical MSX and Commodore cartridge for backers.

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