Noirish horror White Night steps out of the shadows

Fancy a classic, noir-ish horror game to dispel Five Nights at Freddy’s 3? Then White Night might be what you’re looking for.

White Night claims to be an old-school horror game, focused on tension, atmosphere, and puzzles. You’re a trenchcoated chap stranded in a seemingly abandoned mansion, forced to explore whatever secrets the place holds… but you might not be as safe as you first seem. The black-and-white visuals are also a game mechanic, with light revealing what lies around you, as well as providing you a brief safe haven against the unspeakable horrors lurking in the darkness.

As someone who loves horror (or, er, vaguely enjoys cowering behind the sofa) and is a big fan of both noir, and striking art styles, White Night has piqued my interest. It’s out now, and can be yours for £10.99 via Steam.

Launch screenshots below!

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