Nostalrius report on vanilla World of Warcraft following Blizzard meeting

Nostalrius report on vanilla World of Warcraft following Blizzard meeting

Today there’s more news from the Nostalrius vanilla World of Warcraft team who recently visited Blizzard to make a case for vanilla World of Warcraft servers.

The most important part are the technical challenges launching an official vanilla WoW servers would be as highlighted in the report following the meeting which lasted five hours.

“First, they DO have the source code for Vanilla WoW. Code version control systems are not something new, as it has been a standard in the industry for a long time. With these systems, they can retrieve the code at any given previous backup date.

“However, in order to generate the server (and the client), a complex build system is being used. It is not just about generating the “WoW.exe” and “Server.exe” files. The build process takes data, models, maps, etc. created by Blizzard and also generates client and server specific files. The client only has the information it needs and the server only has the information that it needs.

“This means that before re-launching vanilla realms, all of the data needed for the build processes has to be gathered in one place with the code. Not all of this information was under a version control system. In the end, whichever of these parts were lost at any point, they will have to be recreated: this is likely to take a lot of resources through a long development process.

In addition to the technical aspects of releasing a legacy server Blizzard also needs to provide a very polished game that will be available to their millions of players, something existing unofficial legacy servers cannot provide.”

The reception appears to have been good and the petition can be deemed a success in at least opening a dialogue with the people that matter at Blizzard which included Mike Morhaime, Tom Chilton and J.Allen Brack among others.

Now that these discussions have been completed Blizzard is going to have to make a decision on whether they want to dedicate resources to launching vanilla servers. According to Nostalrius, Blizzard had no idea do many people wanted a vanilla experience until the Nostalrius server was forced to close which is hard to believe.

If Blizzard is to take this further, BlizzCon would be a perfect time to announce it. If there’s no announcement at their annual event then there’s a high chance it won’t happen.

The full report it is worth a read and you can find that here.

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    • Stuart King

      Blizzard DO know that people want Vanilla servers as there are ALWAYS threads on their forums asking for this and have been for YEARS and they are always saying NO. Well, finally with decimated subscriptions (so bad they refuse to admit the numbers now) they realise that the newer game is so lost and dumbed down, dull and plain awful that the only way people like me will ever subscribe again is for legacy servers.

      • Paul Younger

        I agree, I think it;s unlikely they had not idea ther was demand for vanilla. As you say, the game is just not what it was with all the changes. The cynic in me also thinks this might have been a PR exercise to some extent, Now the meeting is done, they can say they have listened and then simply say it’s not possible. The amount of good will they would have lost with the community would have been horrendous if they had just ignored it. The PR folk would have advised the powers that be to make a move.

        I have sat in meetings with Blizzard in the past and they always give the impression they are listening when in fact their mind was already made up. But you are just please to get some air time. When nothing comes of it then you just have to accept the result because they “tried”.

    • Arshad Ismael

      i didn’t get to enjoy a real vanilla, tbc or even naxx experience. Joined wow during the last few months of wotlk. Theres so much content i would like to go through in its original state not what it is now. in all honesty if they re release a server with vanilla, there will be way more than 240k people. after 2 years patch it to tbc. and after 2 patch it to wotlk in an orderly fashion. At least that will stop unofficial server that they consider piracy, and at the same time give a chance to new players to enjoy old content at their finest, and encourage them to proceed further to their retail should they feel the need to conquer new contents. Even if they ask for a $5 support fee per month i would pay it, hell everyone of the 240k people who signed would pay it.