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It’s been a while since the Notalrius team talked about the vanilla World of Warcraft servers following the meeting with Blizzard, and although there’s no news from Blizzard on the matter, Nostalrius has released some interesting information.

Today the Nostalrius team released their lengthy post mortem document which details the project’s history and how the team operated to keep the service running. It’s a lengthy read and shows how organised they were and how technically challenging the project was for a group of volunteers. As the service was becoming more popular costs were also increasing, and as a non-profit setup, they would have had to find 8K Euros a year to keep it running.

Blizzard has been rather quiet since the meeting with Nostalrius, probably because they are focusing on the World of Warcraft expansion Legion, but Nostalrius are not giving up.

“We tried to keep the contact with Blizzard internals. We sent them elements & propositions after the meeting still on a voluntary basis and were willing to continue the discussion as they invited us to do so. We however did not receive answers or any communication since June, 13th 2016. You will be informed as soon as we have new elements available.

“The next Blizzcon is in 4 months now. Before this we all need to continue showing our support and motivation regarding this dream, we have been waiting for so many years now. We have to keep a positive attitude and a cool head all time but we also have to make our voices heard.”

Whether Blizzard can overcome the technical challenges to launch a vanilla World of Warcarft service remains to be seen but hopefully they will address it again when Legion has shipped.

We’re still not entirely convinced Blizzard will take the idea of vanilla servers any further, especially after their recent comments on the possibility of Pristine Servers.

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