Not Ready For VR? NewEgg’s Got Your Back

It seems only yesterday that Oculus hit Kickstarter with the Oculus Rift project for the industry’s long-awaited foray into Virtual Reality. Well, that was actually back in August 2012! Skip ahead three and a half years into the future, and people are making sure their PCs are ready for VR gaming ahead of the April 5th release of the HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift’s release date of…sometime in April.

Well, NewEgg asks you, “is your machine ready?” and if the answer is “no,” they hope to be the lucky ones to sell you the parts required. To that end, they have set up a “VR Central” that should help you get started figuring everything out.

In their own words:

While early adopters are eagerly making the move to VR, there are some practical hurdles to clear to ensure a seamless transition. More specifically, the premier VR headsets require a great deal of computing power. Even the most powerful gaming rigs need to be reviewed for compatibility.

Newegg’s VR site helps customers understand minimum system requirements for their VR system of choice, with tips and advice about how best to prep their systems for VR. And if purchases are in order, Newegg has the best deals on video cards, CPUs, RAM and any other component upgrades that may be required.

Are YOU ready for VR? Or will you choose to wait for a price drop or more game support?

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