Notch spoke candidly about their recent actions enforcing the rules on monetization for Minecraft. As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

To be clear, Notch clarifies that the rules Mojang set out regarding monetization in Minecraft have not changed, at all. They have revised the wording to make these intended rules more clear. Unfortunately, many of the private Minecraft servers have been breaking the rules without knowing or intending to.

Notch laments that they should have acted faster in regards to regulating and enforcing these rules, so that this issue would not have snowballed to the level that it has today.

Here’s a snippet from the interview with Notch, where he describes how he felt about the monetization that he saw happening:

It’s been growing steadily over the last year. I feel like the was more and more discomfort growing until it finally exploded when an employee got asked if the rules really said you couldn’t charge for these things. In retrospect, we should’ve dealt with it earlier.

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