Notman: Warner Bros. announce Gotham City Imposters

Warner Bros. and Monolith have announced a title which seems heavily based on that scene from The Dark Knight where Batman berates the amateur hero for wearing “Hhhhhhockey pads.”
That premise for Gotham City Imposters may seem rather flimsy, but the game sounds kind of interesting. Players will create their own customised versions of Batman and The Joker (who are, as the title suggests, mere imposters) and then shoot it out on the streets of Gotham. “Insane costumes, homebrewed gadgets and a wide range of traditional and imagined weapons” are all promised.
Any proper fan of Batman should know that he never uses a gun, but in a way that just highlights how demented these amateur vigilante/villainous gunslingers will be. Hopefully the real Batman and Joker will be sat on the sidelines somewhere looking nonplussed, like DC versions of Statler and Waldorf.
There isn’t a great deal of additional information out there for this game yet, other than the battles will be 4v4 affairs (a shame, as that sounds a bit small) and the title will be available through Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and various PC digital outlets. No release date has been mentioned at present.
The game also has its own website, but at the moment it’s not terribly exciting. Unless you love links to Facebook and Twitter.

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