Yesterday, it turned out that Peter Molyneux’s strange, cube-based “social experiment” game Curiosity had been delayed until September (they’re still polishing the cube, presumably). One reason for the delay may be a conflict of search engine interest with NASA’s Mars Rover, also dubbed ‘Curiosity’.

“Humm there is a problem the the name curiosity, we can’t use it because of NASA,” Molyneux wrote on twitter earlier today.

He subsequently clarified that there was no pressure from NASA to alter the title, but simply that Google searches for ‘Curiosity’ now tend to throw up information about the exploration of Mars rather than a weird, virtual cube-tapping exercise. Some might see that as a natural filtering of important news, but for Molyneux it causes a bit of a problem.

“I wonder what one word would sum up curiosity:the cube,” he added to his tweet musing.

Sadly, “absurd vanity project” is three words. Any suggestions, readers?

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