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NPD results are out for May, and they are interesting to say the least.

1st off, retail is up 52 % YoY, with hardware sales up 95 %, and software up 57 %. It seems the primary driver for hardware sales is the Playstation 4, which finally outpaces the 3DS this month, seven months since it launched. Similarly, Watch Dogs, released on all home platforms except Wii U, is on top of software sales.

However, Nintendo is doing anything but lying down. 3DS hardware is still number 2 overall, and more importantly, the release of Mario Kart 8 at the tail end of the month (last two days) has already brought it to the number 2 slot in software sales. This one game’s release has also led to a jump in Wii U hardware sales to 60,130 units, 85 % YoY.

You can get the full details here.

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