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Earlier this week, owners of GTX 960, 980 and even some AMD R9 series cards were receiving email notifications from Newegg stating that these GPUs were included in a recent class action lawsuit settlement over misleading GTX 970 advertising. Newegg is now sending follow-up emails stating the initial messages were sent in error.

The mistake seems to have stemmed from a Newegg blog post (subsequently pulled by the company with no explanation), which featured a list of GPUs claiming to be from “Whatley Kallas LLP, counsel for the plaintiffs [in the 970 case]”. That list featured all manner of GPUs, including 960s, 980s and R9s.

However, none of those cards were ever part of the GTX 970 class action suits. Newegg customers are now receiving emails that read as follows.

“You recently received an email from us regarding a class action lawsuit related to a GeForce GTX 960 product that you purchased. This email was sent in error and was not accurate. There is no current or pending class action lawsuit related to the product that you purchased. We apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused.”

None of this affects the GTX 970 class action suit settlement, which should still be paying out $30 USD to those eligible to claim. The firm Kurtzman Carson Consultants, LLC will be in charge of putting up a site for claimants with eligibility instructions (since this is a US settlement, it’s very likely it will only apply to US citizens, for example).

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