Nvidia Dlss 3 Diablo 4

Anyone lucky enough to have one of the elusive 30 series or 40 series GPUs from Nvidia will probably already understand the raw power of DLSS. Having experienced it myself, I know the pleasure of buttery smooth fps at comparatively low power. With the release of DLSS 3 for 40 series cards, we see even more improvements made to the already impressive deep-learning algorithm. The latest news from Nvidia reveals that Nvidia DLSS 3 is coming to Diablo 4, Forza Horizon 5, and Redfall.

DLSS 3 available for Diablo 4, Redfall, and more

With monitors only becoming higher definition and able to display higher framerates, GPUs need to be able to keep up. Nvidia’s solution to this is the deep-learning AI that renders games beautifully and still keeps the frames high. Using an AI system, the GPU runs the game at a lower resolution and reconstructs the lost pixels. By doing this, the game essentially runs at the fps  you would usually get at a lower resolution, but with the definition appearing of a much higher quality.

Nvidia DLSS 3 being included in such games as Diablo 4 on launch, Forza Horizon 5, and Redfall should make these games run smoother. Furthermore, the DLSS 3 plugin will soon be coming to Unreal Engine 5.2, expanding the list of games it can be utilized on. Indie developers will be able to make the most of the benefits.

Other games the Nvidia blog mentions that are getting DLSS include The Finals (DLSS 3), Deceive Inc. (DLSS 2), Gripper (DLSS 2), and Smalland: Survive (DLSS 2).

Nvidia Dlss 3 Diablo 4

Image via Nvidia

Nvidia Reflex in Diablo 4

Yet another technology from Nvidia is Reflex. Since the 900 series, this little trick has been keeping fans of multiplayer shooters clicking heads with eye-watering speeds. Nvidia Reflex technology lowers latency in games, keeping movements sharp and responsiveness at an all-time high.

Diablo IV will be released with Reflex enabled. This will be a godsend for those enemy-infested dungeons. It will combine perfectly with the new ability to remap the attack and move buttons.

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