Obsidian’s ‘North Carolina’ project re-purposed and signed to new publisher


At the conclusion of a long chat with Game Informer, Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart talks a little bit about the company’s cancelled ‘North Carolina’ project and its upcoming rebirth (in something of a new form).

North Carolina was the working title for an Obsidian game intended to be a first-party launch game for the Xbox One. Microsoft’s cancellation of the deal was a major contributor to Obsidian’s financial problems in 2011/2012.

Very little is known about what the game actually was, but Urquhart explains that at the time the project was unsuccessfully re-pitched to a number of publishers. He characterises this as Obsidian’s lowest point, and the catalyst for the Kickstarter to makeĀ Pillars of Eternity.

However, he goes on to say that a publisher (he doesn’t name who) has in fact now picked the title up. You can hear the relevant section at this time-stamped link.

“We re-purposed it … it’s sort of in a different form” he says, “That should get announced in the next few months”.

While ‘North Carolina’ was (presumably) intended as an Xbox One exclusive, I’d say it’s a fair bet that the “re-purposed” version of the pitch will be for a broader set of platforms, which would include the PC. No guarantees of course, but Obsidian are no strangers to PC.