The secret project is a hot air balloon full of bears. Maybe.

Cast your mind all the way back to January of this year. It’s tough, I know, that was two whole months ago. Thanks to a Bradley University (Illinois) student profile, we inadvertently learned that Obsidian was probably going to announce a game of some sort at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year.

Katrina Schnell was the student in profile, and the page stated that in addition to her work on Pillars of Eternity (Obsidian’s forthcoming RPG,) the company would have another ‘secret’ game to reveal at GDC. At the time, I speculated that it may be another Kickstarter project like Eternity, or maybe information about the vague “next gen” project the developer is supposedly using the CryEngine to create.

A new twitter post from Obsidian’s Chris Avellone seems to confirm that something will indeed be revealed by the company at this year’s GDC event. In response to a question about such an announcement, he says this:

Which seems like concrete confirmation, except do note that he doesn’t use the word “game” anywhere. ‘Secret project’ could refer to anything, from world domination plans to an Alpha Protocol rhythm title for Kinect (oh god, please no.) We’ll be keeping an eye out for whatever it turns out to be, because Obsidian things are always worth watching.

In other related news today, Paradox Interactive and Obsidian have announced a distribution partnership for Pillars of Eternity at GDC today. Obsidian will still retain full creative control over the game (and the IP,) with Paradox handling marketing and public relations. This should not have any effect on the release date of the game, which is hovering around the end of this year.

Peter Parrish

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