Lonne Lanning, longtime figurehead of the Oddworld series, has some harsh words for EA and how they allegedly released Battlefield 4 incomplete to make shareholders happy.

Lanning also makes it clear that he sides with DICE on this front, and feels bad that they had to release it in such a state. A little warning before the jump; some adult language here. Yeah.

Here’s part of Lanning’s statement:

Why did Battlefield 4 ship? You know that team was crying. You know that team knew that game wasn’t ready to go.

You know that team fucking spent a lot of sleepless nights building that shit out to look as good and play as good, when it was able to be experienced, being played as they were intending it to be played. Someone made a decision that the shareholders are more important than the customer. And we see a lot of that. How do you blow that? How do you take that fucking jewel and ship it with dirt all over it?


The funny part is, I disagree with Lanning here, because the circumstances around BF4’s release have not pleased EA’s shareholders either. There are actually ongoing legal proceedings alleging EA heads gave themselves big bonuses following the game’s release, knowing the game wasn’t ready, for a quick cash in. So, really, if we believe all this, the only people made happy about those circumstances were EA’s management, and they may not be that happy for much longer.

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