April 6th, 2017

OnLive Outlines $10.00/Month Subscription Option

OnLive, the streaming videogame service (sometimes referred to as ‘cloud gaming’,) has announced a $10.00 USD/month flat-rate payment option.
When the service launches on 15 January, that $10.00 will provide access to 40 titles “with LOTS more coming.” Dubbed ‘PlayPack,’ it joins the already announced ‘PlayPass’ option for accessing OnLive.
PlayPass offers a kind of digital license (priced at between $3.00 and $50.00 USD) to stream “largely new-release games” for 3 day, 5 day or unlimited periods. In contrast, PlayPack will give unlimited access to “recent, classic and indie titles.”
Some of the forty PlayPack games that will be available are shown here, and the catalogue could be described as a touch underwhelming at present. While LEGO Batman is certainly fun, I think I’d rather pay someone $10.00 NOT to play the wretched Saw.
However, OnLive promises that more games are “coming weekly” for both payment options, so the situation is likely to improve.