July 8th, 2017

Open for voting: The Last Door hits Steam Greenlight

the last door

Poe and Lovecraft-inspired horror game The Last Door is seeking your votes on Steam Greenlight.

The Last Door is an episodic adventure game series which uses pixel art and sound to create an unnerving atmosphere. Players take the role of Jeremiah Devitt, a professor who receives a disturbing letter from an old friend of his. Devitt travels to his friend’s manor to find out just what’s happened, only to find it deserted and rather creepy. From there, I would imagine things get much, much worse.

The version of The Last Door trying to get onto Steam is be a special edition compilation of the first three episodes with a number of enhancements. You can go and throw votes at it here, but if you’re not sold, it’s worth noting that you can try the game out for yourself. The series itself is free, although the latest episode always has a period of exclusivity for those who financially back the next episode. Right now episodes 1 and 2 are free, while episode 3 is available if you help fund the development of episode 4. Does that make sense?

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