Wargaming.net has announced a stand-alone multiplayer expansion for Order of War, titled Order of War: Challenge.Challenge, available exclusively through Steam, is a multiplayer-based expansion adding in twelve maps, six new multiplayer modes, and more.There are four co-op survival missions with a base that must be defended against encroaching enemy hordes, with randomly-appearing control points the only way to reinforce; there’s a Mercenaries mode which emphasies careful selection of your initial unit line-up; there’s “realistic fog of war”; there are instant-battle Skirmishes giving you a random selection of forces and no way to reinforce them; there’s an expanded “capture-the-base” gameplay mode with you and your opponent getting different types of reinforcements at different rates; and there a gigantic four-player free for all battles with players able to take control of the USA, Germany, or the Soviet Union.Impressively, Order of War: Challenge will be available as a stand-alone product for those who don’t have the original title, while those who do can get their hands on it for free.Check out our review of Order of War over here to see what we thought, and eyes down for the first screenshots of Challenge.  

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