The Kickstarter-assisted console project ‘Ouya’ has revealed a first exclusive game for the yet-to-be-released platform, in the shape of a prequel to Robotoki’s Human Element. That game isn’t actually out yet, and in fact has a release date of 2015 at present, so the titles should actually come out in the intended sequence.

Robotoki is the indie company founded by Robert Bowling (formerly of Infinity Ward) and Human Element is being touted as a tale of human survival in the face of a zombie apocalypse. Little is known about the prequel at this point (hell, not much is known about Human Element), other than it’ll be an episodic release and exclusive to Ouya. Assuming the Android-based Ouya ends up being produced and released, that is.

Bowling is obviously quite a fan of the idea, as he donated $10,000 USD to the Ouya Kickstarter project himself. That Kickstarter fund is fast approaching $5.2 million USD, with more than 40,000 backers. Not enough money or manpower to sustain a console launch alone, you would imagine, but a fair chunk of change nonetheless.

Source: Ouya Kickstarter

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