Unless you bought every game available for the PS4 at launch, by now you may have burned out the launch games you picked up for your new PS4 but fear not, during a press conference Sony announced that there will be over one hundred games launched this year for the PS4. That should be enough to keep even the most hardcore gamers happy.

Apparently almost all the titles will run at 1080p natively, including games such as Thief, Minecraft, Destiny and The Order 1886,  said Sony Computer Entertainment vice president of marketing John Koller.

Koller also commented that since the launch of the PlayStation 4, over 90% of the consoles are connected to the internet. That might not seem like such big news but keep in mind that it took three years for the PlayStation 3 to reach 70% online. Koller said: “Immediately from launch, we’re seeing a much greater social connection”.

We also learned some stats regarding the online community of PlayStation 4 owners. Worldwide, PlayStation 4 owners play about 34 million hours per week with 172 million hours played in total. Over 1.7 million hours have been live streaming and content has been shared around 48 million times. It’s a good time to be Sony it seems.

Source: Polygon



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