The Overload Kickstarter has just three more days to run, and needs a fairly hefty chunk of change to make its goal of $300,000 USD. In an effort to generate some late-in-the-day pledges, Revival Productions have launched a playable teaser for people to try out.

Revival are comprised of former Descent developers, and Overload is hoping to re-capture some of that six-degree shooter glory. You can get 32bit and 64bit versions of the demo from the game’s site.

In it, you’ll get to play around with three levels from the game and a “fun challenge mode”. There’ll also be eight weapons and a few robot foes to shoot at.

“The best way to show off Overload is to have people experience it first-hand,” says Revival’s Mike Kulas. “We are very passionate about 6-degree-of-freedom shooters and believe anyone who plays Overload will understand why. Even if you are new to the genre, you will have a blast fighting off the devious robots and exploring the cavernous tunnels.”

Peter Parrish

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