Overlord 2 DLC Available

Codemasters has announced the release of the Battle Rock Nemesis DLC for Overlord 2.The DLC adds the Battle Rock arena to the Netherworld, granting you a series of combat challenges with more becoming available as the game progresses.Training rounds let you build up life force through murdering Nordberg hunters and gnomes, while other battles take on the form of boss fights, with the Satyr, the Empire’s Champion, and the Phoenix mentioned. Beating them unlocks rewards, including more powerful spells and items – and 100 points worth of Achievements if you happen to be playing on 360.The DLC should be available now on both PS3 (£3.19 GBP/€3.99 EUR) and Xbox 360 (400 Microsoft Points) with details on a PC version expected soon.You can see what we thought of Overlord 2 here.

Paul Younger

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