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Mei is the frosty hero that most Overwatch 2 players have grown to hate. Her original playstyle in Overwatch is largely reviled, with her primary fire originally freezing the enemy altogether, allowing for an easy headshot. Her gameplay is a little different in Overwatch 2 now, with her primary fire dealing more damage but losing the freeze. Still, Mei is an annoying champion to deal with, in combination with her slows and ultimate ability, Blizzard, which still can freeze enemies.

However, despite the irritability that may arise from Mei’s existence, there are still plenty of ways to counter this chilling champ. Mei has many exploitable aspects of her kit, including her lack of mobility, her lack of range, and her lower-than-average damage. With all these aspects considered, Mei is generally not considered a strong hero. Follow this guide to learn why and how you can counter Mei next time you see her in one of your ranked games.

How to counter Mei in Overwatch 2

One of Mei’s major weaknesses is a big lack of mobility. While she can safely enclose herself in her Ice Block, Mei doesn’t have the means to chase mobile heroes. This means when picking a tank, you might want to consider picking a more mobile tank, such as Winston or D.Va. Her lack of mobility is compounded by her lack of range. Mei’s primary fire is short and stubbly, unable to shoot enemies who aren’t close to her face. Therefore, picking enemies that can play out of her primary fire, such as Pharah or Junkrat, can be smart picks.

Mei’s Ultimate, Blizzard, is one of the stronger aspects of her kit. A common strategy is to use your wall to isolate an enemy from the team and toss a Blizzard into their face, securing a freeze. When the enemy team is frozen, they are susceptible to taking all kinds of damage. However, a mere Kiriko and her Protection Suzu can cleanse allies from this freeze and prevent them from instant death. Zarya’s Bubble will work the same way.

Mei Counter

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One thing to note about Mei is the big nerf to her Ice Wall. Her Ice Wall used to have more HP, which allowed you to go to a choke and wall off enemies as they walk in. For example, you might use your wall on King’s Row to isolate a Reinhardt and quickly kill him. The HP was dramatically nerfed, however, meaning it’s imperative that you shoot the wall. It will go down quickly, and you can reconvene with your allies after Mei walls them off.

Mei Counter 2

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Finally, consider avoiding characters that Mei herself may counter. Mei’s Ice Wall is still useful for cutting line-of-sight for characters like Widowmaker or Ana, preventing them from dealing damage to your team or healing theirs. Other mobile supports such as Kiriko or Lucio who can traverse Mei’s Ice Walls are a better pick. You should also note that one headshot from Mei’s secondary fire will one-shot a Tracer. If a Mei is nasty with their right clicks, you might want to avoid playing the blinking fury.

Those are our suggestions to counter Mei in Overwatch 2. For our thoughts on the game’s heroes, check out our tier lists on best DPS, best Tanks, and best Support.

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