A large patch has just been released for Overwatch which adds numerous new features, additions and changes to the shooter.

The major additions are a new escort map called Route 66 and a play mode called Weekly Brawl has been added to spice the game up with new challenges. Blizzard will be switching these brawl challenges out daily but they will change to weekly when the game finally goes live. Blizzard sound excited by this new addition adding:

“We love the Tavern Brawl system in Hearthstone and are excited to bring a similar style of play into Overwatch. However, even though we think Weekly Brawls can add a lot of fun to the game, the feature is still a work in progress and something we consider more of an experiment for now. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy testing the sample Weekly Brawls we’ve set up and look forward to your feedback!”

Personal highlights have been added via the main menu and up to five of the most recent can be stored from the “active” gaming session. Changes have also been made to the Play of the Game system to make them more “interesting to watch” and are now categorised into High Score, Lifesaveer, Sharpshooter and Shutdown.

“This is just the start of what we want to achieve with Plays of the Game, but we wanted to get these initial changes into your hands as soon as possible so you can work with us to make the system even better. In the future, we’ll be looking to add new features to the Play of the Game system, too—such as dynamic cameras for playback, as well as more varied categories. So get out there and play and let us know what you think!”

A leaver penalty will now be active with players being penalised for not completing matches.

“The consecutive match bonus, along with the leaver penalty, should hopefully incentivize players to complete the matches they begin. Unfortunately, many players have been leaving in-game matches at the first sign of difficulty, even in games where their team could still win. As a result, the leaving player’s team would be at a large disadvantage until a backfill could be found. Speaking of backfills: We want the process of joining an in-progress match to be a positive experience, even if you happen to enter right as the game ends. To assist with this, players who backfill matches will still receive a notable amount of experience, regardless of how long they played.”

It’s quite a large update and all the changes can be found in the new Overwatch beta patch notes which are worth reading before jumping into the action.

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