Overwatch Sigma Origin hero

The 31st hero coming to Overwatch is Sigma, an astrophysicist with the power over gravity. Developer Blizzard dropped his origin video onto the internet earlier today, showing how the scientist wound up on the wrong path.

To put it simply, Sigma is not one of the good guys. I mean, his name alone sparks memories of an enemy leader of a different gaming franchise. Regardless, Sigma here isn’t so much a final boss of Overwatch, but rather another member of the criminal organization Talon.

The video itself doesn’t reveal much about Sigma’s abilities. However, we do learn how he went from scientist to scumbag. In the clip, Sigma toils away in his experiments, trying to utilize the power of gravity in order to control a black hole. Things don’t go according to plan, and his experiment leads to disastrous results. Sigma is apparently imprisoned for an unknown crime, haunted by his work and a mysterious tune. His sense of time seems fractured.

Overwatch Sigma Origin Gravity

When black hole experiments go wrong.

Chaos control

What is clear, is that Sigma controls gravitational forces. Also, judging by his bulky armor seen in the video, he’ll probably join Talon as a tank class character. As far as how he uses gravity to fight, the video itself doesn’t make it terribly clear. However, it does offer a clue. Near the end, a black hole surrounded by yellow energy moves across the screen, changing its color to blue. From that, we can speculate that he can probably push and pull with his powers depending on his abilities. Sigma may even be able to slow down enemy forces or even the payload.

Of course, we won’t know for sure until Blizzard releases more information. As a side thought: is anyone else getting some serious Lex Luthor vibes here? I know it’s not just me.

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