Captured Elizabee In Palworld
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Palworld Elizabee Boss Location & How to Beat It

Clever one, aren't you?

In Palworld, Elizabee is a hard boss to find and defeat. Not only will you need good equipment and strong Pals, but you’ll need to have a lot of patience to defeat her Beegarde entourage. Like all things, however, there is a very cheeky way to cheese the fight.

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Preparing for Elizabee in Palworld

If you intend to fight Elizabee honorably in Palworld, then you will need lots of high-quality equipment and powerful Pals. If you decide to follow the cheeky way, then your equipment won’t really matter as long as you’ve got strong Pals.

Equipment In Palworld
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The minimum equipment I’d recommend is thus:

  • Metal Armor
  • Metal Helm
  • Giga Shield
  • Hand-held Torch or Hip Lantern
  • Handgun
  • 20 Handgun Bullets
  • Mega / Giga Grappling Gun

I would recommend using a more powerful Handgun found through Schematics from Dungeons. Frag Grenades and Shock Grenades can be useful for this fight, too.

From the recommended equipment, you’ll need to be at least level 32. Leveling up is fairly easy when you focus on purely capturing ten of every species you come across, as the first ten you capture will provide a great EXP bonus that scales with your level.

So, dedicate some time to capturing Pals, and you’ll soon find yourself soaring up the levels.

Considering Elizabee is a Grass-type Pal, you’ll want to avoid Ground-types and will preferably want to use Fire-types, or Pals with Fire-type moves, like Katress. It is somewhat difficult to get powerful Fire-type Pals in the early or mid-game, so don’t worry about fielding a team of Fire-types. Any powerful non-Ground-type will do.

Party In Palworld
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You can tell a Pal is more powerful than others if it needs a better quality Sphere to capture it. Make sure your team consists of Pals that require at least a Giga Sphere to capture them.

For the “cheese strategy,” you’ll need to fight and capture the Field Boss Kingpaca that can be found just west of the Rayne Syndicate Tower. You will also need to be able to place a spare Palbase, so bring the resources for one.

Make sure all the Pals you bring are no less than level 30. With all your equipment and Pals ready, you can start your search for Elizabee.

If you plan on catching the boss, you’ll need a few Hyper Spheres.

Finding Elizabee in Palworld

When you approach the boss marker for Elizabee, you’ll be stumped to find that the Pal is nowhere to be found. This is because Elizabee is actually underground.

Pictured below is not only where the Elizabee Field Boss spawns, but also where the entrance to the cave is. The player marker and star indicate the entrance to the Devout Cave, where Elizabee is hiding.

Elizabee And Cave Points In Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Devout Cave gets dark very quickly, so make sure you either have the Hip Lantern or a Hand-held Torch ready. If not, you can quickly grab four Wood and two Stone to craft a Primitive Workbench outside the cave to make the torch.

Head inside the cave, and you’ll find Elizabee with a cadre of Beegarde bodyguards.

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Fighting Elizabee in Palworld

There are two ways you can approach the Elizabee fight in Palworld. I will start with the typical procedure, then detail the neat tricks you can do instead to make the fight so much easier.

Dealing with the Beegardes

The Beegardes that protect Elizabee is an infuriating obstacle. They will most likely resort to swarming you before exploding, taking you out instantly.

To prevent them all from targeting you immediately, you can ride a powerful Pal into battle. They’ll ignore you, allowing you to get in the first hit. In my experience, they are less likely to immediately kamikaze you if you engage them in this way.

Once you’ve got their attention, you’ll have to take them out quickly. Using the Handgun to unload round after round into their heads is a decent way to defeat one or two before they resort to swarming you. If you do end up getting swarmed, then your Grappling Gun will come into play.

Try to leave it as last-minute as possible, but using the Grappling Gun to latch onto a wall and string you up as they explode behind you is a risky but effective way of escaping the Beegardes. The better quality Grappling Gun you have, the better range you have, allowing you to grapple away further from the walls or ceiling.

Taking down the Queen

With the Beegardes eliminated, through their own vain volition or through you destroying them, Elizabee will still remain. Jump off your mount’s back and allow your Pals to do the fighting for you.

Elizabee will strike with Grass Tornadoes, a spinning attack, Poison Blast, and Wind Cutter, and will primarily target you. Make sure to stay at a great range from the boss during this fight so you can avoid the numerous projectiles that’ll get launched toward you.

Fighting Elizabee In Palworld
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Between dodges, you can keep firing the rest of your ammunition at the boss, or you can focus on dodging while your Pals deal the damage.

If your Pals are to receive a damaging blow, it will be wise to quickly withdraw them and summon them back out to evade the hit. Note that any status effects will still apply.

It will take a while, but your Pals will eventually take down Elizabee. As long as you avoid the crushing attacks, you’ll soon defeat her.

When its health is low, you can use a Hyper Sphere to try and capture her. I’d recommend a Capture Power of at least 4 to provide you with a decent chance of success.

Cheesing the Elizabee Boss Fight in Palworld

During my many attempts to take down Elizabee, I found a few tricks that you may want to take advantage of.

Attack at night

During nighttime, Elizabee and the Beegardes fall fast asleep. When a Pal is attacked while sleeping, they’ll receive much more damage.

Elizabee Sleeping In Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To eliminate all the Beegardes at once, you should ride a Pal to instruct them to perform a mighty AoE attack that’ll target all of the Beegardes, defeating them immediately. I personally used Kingpaca’s Kingly Slam to hit all of the enemies in one go. It was glorious.

Build a Palbase

Building a Palbase right next to Elizabee’s chamber allows for several amazing benefits. Just be careful not to build it too close, or the enemies won’t spawn. If you find this happens, deconstruct the Palbase through the map. Elizabee and the Beegardes will spawn back in, and you can just build it a little further along.

Firstly, you’ll cut out travel time completely, saving you lots of time. This was honestly the most attractive feature to me.

At least it was until I found out that spawning at the base right after being defeated kept the boss fight how it was. Elizabee was still damaged, and all the Beegardes were still defeated. It doesn’t reset if you spawn right back into the boss fight through your Palbase.

This way, you can keep dying over and over again, and Elizabee will slowly and surely get closer and closer to defeat with every rematch.

Now that you’re caught up with defeating and capturing Elizabee in Palworld, why don’t you learn the best practices for capturing Beegardes?

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