Like pretty much everything coming “exclusively first to console X” this is going to be on PC too.

Paradox had a little section of the Sony Gamescom conference to show off Hollowpoint, a Ruffian Games developed title that the company will be publishing. Ruffian previously worked on Crackdown 2, but this title looks to share more in common (from the brief trailer, at least) with things like Shadow Complex.

The premise of global corporate dominance and teams of operatives performing missions reminds me that Paradox were, at one stage, making a Syndicate-a-like called The Cartel which subsequently disappeared off the videogames map. Were it not for the change of developer, I’d wonder if The Cartel didn’t become Hollowpoint and turn into a 2.5D shooter.

The .5D part is because stuff in the background of the procedurally generated levels can be targeted (and will try to shoot at you in return.) There’s a co-operative aspect as well, with up to four players being able to trot out on missions at a time. After each mission, you’ll be able to upgrade and re-equip your mercenary operatives with new weapons and abilities.

Here’s the trailer that was shown. Hollowpoint is due in 2015.

But wait, there’s more Paradox. They also released this new trailer for the in-house developed RPG, Runemaster. It features adorable squirrels, concerning portents about Ragnarok and a bit of isometric gameplay. Plus an interesting bit about having to choice to “quietly withdraw into the eternal night” if you don’t fancy all this great hero business. I hope that’s a genuine option.

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