Epic has revealed plans for their MOBA Paragon and there’s some big changes still to come.

Looking back on 2016, Epic released some numbers which included 5.7 million registered Paragon players, 832,000 active players in January which is up from 650,000 in November, and there were 132 game updates in 2016.

Recent new hero releases have all been melee heroes and Epic say that has been a result of “some very long hero development pipelines”. The next ranged hero will be coming in April and more roles will be rotated into the release schedule in future.

The big news is that the existing card system is being completely reworked with Epic saying they are “rethinking the entire thing” to make cards more impactful and easier to understand.

New Paragon game modes are also coming including a new PvP mode which will last 20 minutes or less and they say “it’s radically different” from the current mode. PvE co-op is also coming but how that will work is still unknown. Both these new mode will be improved on throughout the year.

A list of what’s coming up soon was also posted:

  • Match making system V2. All new from the ground up.
  • Lots of balance changes. We know many things need to be improved and we listen intently. Expect continuous improvement and a handful of mistakes along the way.
  • Banners: add your signature to every kill with this new system (screenshots and videos coming soon). It’s experimental but we think it’ll be cool.
  • New Skins and Variations: We’re giving you even more skins like this one and a new system that will allow players to unlock more variations for almost every skin.
  • “Hero Mastery” improvements. More content, more progression, and more rewards for getting Heroes to max level.
  • Loot Crates: More loot (with more variety) will be rolling into crates over the next few months. Expect to find some rare banners and skin variations coming soon in crates.
  • Hero Reworks: Revisiting old Heroes with new kits and balance.

Epic will roll out competitive play in the first half of 2017 and a fully ranked mode will follow. Laddered competitive events are also planned which will “transition into Paragon Invitationals”. Prized and money reward events are also being worked on in all regions.

It’ going to be a busy year for Epic and Paragon players which is rather exciting.

Source: Epic.

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