Paragon patch rolls out to fix PC FPS and crashing issues

Paragon patch rolls out to fix PC FPS and crashing issues

Earlier today Epic released the Paragon v.43 patch which brought a whole load of balance changes to the heroes and a new updated Monolith map.

There’s no doubt the new Monolith map looks fantastic and it’s taken some getting used to but the patch has caused a bit of a hit on FPS issues. This is to be expected with the new¬†map and improved textures but there was obviously still an extra hit caused by something else.

In the early hours of this morning, a patch dropped which will hopefully resolve some of the FPS problems and PC crashes. The changes are as follows:

Frequent PS4 Crashes

PC Crashes on startup (Including issues with some set of Intel + AMD processors)

Unable to chat in Draft Lobby on PS4

FPS drops on higher-end hardware/settings

Store not working on PS4

Unable to purchase Coins on PC

Ability cancelling not responding

I’ve not encountered any real issues with the patch on a GTX 980 but hopefully this smallish update will do the job.

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