Paragon update fixes crashes – Buff spawn time reduction and more

Paragon update fixes crashes – Buff spawn time reduction and more

Epic are pushing out a Paragon update today which comes with some interesting changes.

Ae well as stability fixes, they are also changing spawn times on buff camps and more. These changes indicate that Epic are trying to reduce the game times which has been a goal for quite a while.

We’ll be testing this out over the weekend to see how it changes the flow. Here’s the notes

We had been noticing some major stability issues (crashes) with our v31 release and want to remedy this ASAP, to do this we will be pushing a patch tomorrow morning 9/10 at 10 AM EDT which will resolve these issues and include some jungle and match length adjustments as well.

The full remainder of the release notes including Lt.Belica and all other included features for v31.1 will be posted Monday at 10 AM EDT as per usual.

Below you can find the notes for the adjustments coming tomorrow morning:

  • Reduced Black Buff Spawn time from 6 to 4 minutes.
  •  Reduced Black Buff Respawn time from 6 to 4 minutes.
  • Reduced Prime Respawn time from 8 to 6 minutes.
  • Reduced Prime Health from 17000 to 13600.
  • Lowered siege minion targeting priority on towers and inhibitors.
  • Reduced timing of siege minion spawning.
    • Siege minions now spawn every other wave starting at 10 minutes then spawn every wave at 20 minutes.
  • Fix for Hardcase Howitzer mesh.
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