August 29th, 2017

Paragon’s new hero Drongo detailed and patch v.42.3 notes

Paragon’s new hero Drongo detailed and patch v.42.3 notes

Paragon will be updated to patch v.42.3 tomorrow and this is a big update for a number of reasons.

The new hero Drongo had been seen before in leaked images but now we have full details on the hero and his abilities. Drongo is a scrappy chap with radioactive bullets, a boomerang which can be guided, silencing grenades and a large blasting Shrapnel Cannon. All these are on show in the new hero spotlight video.

In other Paragon news, tomorrow bring much-needed balance changes to the game. Thankfully Epic will be sorting out the overpowered Kallari, Wukong, Kwang and Iggy and Scorch. In .42 these heroes have been single-handedly winning games for teams. They have ruined many a match.

A few cards are also being nerfed including Godmother Vigilante, Flame of Zechin, and Shadow Dancer. There are more card changes which can be found in the patch notes.

Mastery costs have been reduced for ranks 1-4 have also been reduced and “adjustments” have been made to how quickly players begin gaining cards from chests. This is to help new players joining the game.

The Deckbuilkder UI has been changed along with changes to the scoreboard and card description. All aspects needed fixing quite urgently to make life easier.

Update: Watch us take him for a spin.

Head to the next page for the full patch notes.

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  • Paul Younger

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    • Mooki

      Updating now.

      These balance changes are very welcome imo.

    • Michael Evans

      Well checking this explains my infuriating button bash previously to attempt to activate thorned yomi. It also explains why elevate has never seemed to work for me, why isn’t it more clear on the game as to how to trigger elevate?