Path of Exile cheaters greeted with a final warning message

path of exile

Grinding Gear Games will be bringing down the ban hammer on cheats.

Path of Exile players who are trying to get an upper hand by cheating are being greeted with a message from GGG. A total of 3912 users are will now see the following message after they were found to have cheated. This warning is a one-off and if they are caught again the accounts will be closed down for good.

Path of Exile

According to GGG there will be “no final warnings” and accounts will be banned moving forward. Players found to be using cheats such as maphacks can consider themselves warned.

GGG clarified that single-action hotkeys (like an alt+f4 macro) and tools that don’t require the client to be running, like Procurement, are allowed.

Remember folks, it never pays to cheat.

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